Redis Adapter for Diffusion User’s Guide

Version: 1.0.0

Gateway Framework version: 2.0.0

Publication: 2024-05-24

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Prerequisite: See Gateway Application for a generic overview of a Gateway application and how to configure it

About the Redis Adapter for Diffusion

The Redis Adapter for Diffusion acts as a bridge between Redis and Diffusion, converting Redis values into Diffusion topics. It works by receiving keyspace notifications from Redis and pipelining Redis commands to gather the latest state. This method efficiently detects and mirrors changes in the Redis state within Diffusion, creating a view of the Redis state that achieves eventual consistency. The adapter ensures real-time synchronization and data integrity between the two systems, making it an a potent tool for applications that require coordinated data across both Redis and Diffusion environments.

The adapter uses the Diffusion Gateway framework, hence supports all features supported by the framework. See Gateway Application section in the Framework’s used guide to understand the concepts of the framework and to understand how to configure a Gateway application.

Once started, the adapter is visible on the Diffusion console, in the 'Network' section.

Supported Redis Data Types

The Redis Adapter for Diffusion supports the following Redis data types.


Built in


Built in


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Built in


Redis Stack


Redis Stack


The Redis Adapter for Diffusion has been tested with Diffusion Server 6.9 and requires Redis version v7.2 or greater.

If your Redis server is configured to require passwords, then the Redis Adapter for Diffusion requires a principal and credentials to connect, where the principal has been granted permission to configure keyspace notifications, i.e. to run CONFIG SET notify-keyspace-events KA via redis-cli, and execute server-side Lua scripts.

The Redis Adapter will place two connections to the Redis server.

About this document

This document explains everything you need to configure and use the Redis Adapter for Diffusion.

This document should be used in conjunction with the Gateway Framework user’s guide

If you are accessing this document bundled together with the adapter artefacts, please refer to the online version for the latest edition.
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